Mambo Sculptures

Long ago I had a fantastic job shaping large sculptures for Australia’s most creative surf label MAMBO with Funky 3D / Storageman in Redfern. I attacked large blocks of polystyrene foam with hot wires, razor sharp carving knives, electric chainsaws, flap sanding discs and contact cement, all with the kind of blatant disregard for occupational health and safety typical of the commercial arts game back in the good old days.
Here is Reg Mombassa’s “The Invisible Donkey”, other sculptures were Frankenstein’s Kangaroo, a franken-roo riding a surfboard on a wave, a Matthew Martin “Surf Pig”, and a few totem poles of Kombi’s, Sandmans, EH utes, surfboards and dogs.
I only have photos of a few of them, they were sent to all corners of the world, so who knows where they are now?